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CRM Integration Increases Customer Experience & Satisfaction Scores

Looking to improve their customer satisfaction without sacrificing quality and customer experience for their inbound call center, a large retail organization began their search for an inbound call center service provider. The retail organization provided one of the world’s bestselling notebook carrying cases and product accessories via ecommerce selling solutions. As the primary customer service center for the organization, this placed even greater emphasis on the importance of customer experience to their call center operations requiring assistance with not only customer service, but product troubleshooting and email support as well. Having been in business for over 35 years with a rich history of providing elite level customer experience, the organization turned to The Connection® for assistance.

The Solution

  • Talent Acquisition. Working with the retailer, our HR team developed a customized hiring profile based on the needs of the organization. Our recruiting team then used the profile to recruit and source quality candidates who fit the necessary skill set required to perform the services.
  • Brand Immersive Training. Once candidates were hand selected, the Engagement Specialists received a full two weeks intensive training focusing on the Client brand, attitude and culture. This training also included product knowledge where the Specialists learned hands-on trouble shooting procedures for all of the products and technical applications.
  • Nesting. Prior to being put into full production, Engagement Specialists went into a nesting period where they were heavily monitored to ensure they met quality standards. Agents requiring additional attention were brought in to participate in focus groups specific to areas they required additional training on.
  • Technology Integration. The Connection® implementation team worked with the Client to gain access to the Client database which provided CSRs with complete customer profiles and discussion histories. This enabled the Agents to provide a more comprehensive customer experience and deliver optimum white glove treatment to each customer. Agents were able to:
    • Work with multiple customers at once
    • Have the ability to reduce redundancy from order to order
    • Have the ability to see emails and private notes all in one screen
  • Branded Service. The Connection® worked with the Client to provide a custom branded space for the Agents showcasing the look and feel of the website along with product displays. This hands on-knowledge enabled the Agents to feel confident in answering specific customer questions about products and assisted in creating higher than average customer satisfaction scores.
  • Email Scripting. Working with the Client, The Connection® developed a series of email templates based on the contact types received. This scripting significantly reduced average handle time of each email and ensured appropriate data capture during the first communication.
  • Reporting. With access to the Client database, The Connection® was able to provide robust reporting capabilities on both a customer level as well as telephony system. Business metrics were tracked highlighting trends and service levels for each Agent as well.


Through our complete brand immersed training program, Agents were able to more confidently speak about products and assist customers resulting in reduced talk time and overall reduced costs. This reduction in talk time did not, however, impact quality. Agents achieved over 95% quality ratings and consistently received above average customer satisfaction ratings. Delivering elite level, gold standard customer experience, The Connection® was able to exceed the company’s outsourcing goals and become the primary customer service call center for this leading ecommerce retailer. 



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