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5 Key Characteristics to Look for in a Call Center Partner

Trusting another company to communicate with your customers is a big deal. It is one reason some companies hesitate to outsource their call center operations. But, you can do it! The key to success in finding a call center partner you can trust is all in the word “partner.” It takes a special relationship to grow sales and brand loyalty. And, frankly, not all call centers are up to it.

How can you tell a potential partner from just another vendor/supplier? Look for people you like because (hopefully) you will be working with them for a long time. And look for these five must-have traits, too.

Executive Team Engagement

Leadership sets the tone. If top execs are not actively engaged in their day-to-day business, you can bet they will not be actively engaged in your success, either. You will know you have found your true partner when, from the executive team on down, they are excited to roll up their sleeves and actively work with you to continuously improve. Why? When your business grows, so does theirs!

(P.S. They will be most effectively engaged if they understand your business and marketplace challenges. So take note of the executives who are inquisitive and interested in your business affairs.)

Compatible Philosophy

Culture shock does not bode well for a long-term relationship. A partner that has a similar “worldview” when it comes to things like ethics and employee relations will relate more easily to your company. After all, their people have to reflect your voice and personality to customers.

A call center that treats their people well usually has a low turnover rate. But the best way to get a sense of who they are is to visit in person and meet their people. Is this the team you want your customers to meet?

Quality Training Staff

Who is training their agents? You want a call center partner that makes training a top priority, with staff who can develop as well as deliver pertinent curriculum — successfully. Agents have to be good at the functional side of their job, but your customers expect them to know your products and policies inside and out. Do agents get ongoing training? How are they monitored for accuracy and attitude?

Insight Into Your “Agent Profile”

Not every agent is a great match for your company or your customers. You need a partner that gets that! One that employs people who have the right skills and demeanor to handle your customer care contacts. No skimping here because your company will live or die based on customer satisfaction with their call resolution and overall experience.


A call center that cannot deliver speedy, seamless service to customers across multiple contact channels is out of date — or getting there! It takes the right technology as well as the right people to impress your customers.

Does your potential partner record and live-monitor calls? Use speech analytics and virtual queuing? Chatbots or other self-service options? What KPIs and metrics do they use to measure their performance? More on point: can they still make the grade if your KPIs and metrics are different, or higher? Most important: do they have the infrastructure (and commitment) to flex and grow as your company grows and your needs change?

It Takes a Total Package

Look for a call center that is engaged from the top down, has a compatible management philosophy, emphasizes quality training, matches agents to your customers, and backs it up with technology and analytical tools that assure effectiveness. That company will be a partner, not just another supplier.

At The Connection®, we pride ourself on our ability to fit the mold of your company, while giving you access to the newest technology and our top management to ensure that you get the absolute most out of our services. Contact us for more information!

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