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Contact Center Outsourcing: Steps to Ensure a Successful Relationship [VIDEO]

When you’re entering into a business relationship with another company, it can be a little scary! There is a lot of trust that goes into a partnership to believe that it will result in the desired outcome, whether that is higher revenue, more efficient operations, happier customers, or something else.

If you are already partnered with, or you are interested in partnering with a call center, you can appreciate the power that your call center holds: They represent your brand values, and therefore, represent YOU! So, our President and Founder, Fred Weiner, explains 2 ways you can tell if you are building a successful relationship with your call center partner:

Call Center Executives Should Be Extremely Involved

When should you expect to be in contact with your call center partner’s executives? From Day One! And further, they should continue to be involved in your business in every stage, from meeting with the clients and understanding what the needs are through the implementation and the launch of the program.

You should know who you can go to if you need something specific accomplished, know the roles and responsibilities of the executives in the company, and feel comfortable reaching out. Executives are there to help with strategy, to help with design and implementation, and to make sure that the contact center is moving on task. Can you say that about your call center partner?

Agents Should Be Top-Notch Quality

“At the end of the day, it’s the agents that really make the difference,” says Fred. Agents are the ones who are on the front lines, representing your company on the phones or online.

You should make sure that your call center partner has a quality pool of agents that they can pull from. Remember, agents represent your brand and finding quality CSRs is no easy task. That’s why having a partner with access to quality employees is so important.

Make a Connection With Your Partner

Here at The Connection®, we put our partners first. Not only do they get access to our top management, but they also receive our premium pool of call center representative talent! We believe that Our Team Members Are Superheroes in Plain Clothing. That goes for our employees and our partners, and we don’t take that distinction lightly.

Contact us to learn more about who we are, what differentiates us, and how we can serve you.

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