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How to Maintain Customer Relations with Millennials

Millennials may get a bad rap for their attention spans (or lack thereof), but they know their way around technology. In fact, they are changing the way we do everything, especially how we shop and communicate. And that is creating a huge impact on customer relations. So, let’s make sure your customer care center is thinking about Millennial customer service because Millennials are the next largest generation with spending power. To help, here are some tips for providing Millennial customer service.

Offer Help On Multiple Fronts (Channels)

First and foremost, Millennials are not only calling. In fact, they may never “dial” their phone to make a traditional customer service call. How many times have you heard your son or daughter say, “I was talking to…”, and you knew they never actually “talked.” It was their fingers doing the talking. Millennials prefer texting, social media and apps to do their “talking”. That means your contact center needs to offer an omni-channel presence that engages customers however they prefer — email, text messaging, social media. And, yes, even phone.

Provide Self-Help Options

Millennials do not expect an in-person conversation. They do not WANT to speak to a live person unless it is absolutely necessary. Instead, they are all about self-help. They have grown up helping themselves to information and advice through largely digital means, so that is what they expect from you. Give it to them, and you will win their hearts, not to mention their future business.

Millennials want speed and convenience. While some older folks may balk or find it weird to “speak” to an artificial intelligence, it seems perfectly normal to Millennials. Their homes are filled with smart devices of all types, each powered by an AI of some kind. So the idea that a chatbot can assist them faster, yet accurately, makes perfect sense.

Answer Simple Questions Quickly

Millennials like instant gratification and immediate answers. That's why when they Google something online, they expect a fast answer. And they expect the same from their customer service rep whether that comes from a chatbot, live chat, or self-help options. If they're going to talk to a live person, make sure your agents are knowledgeable and equipped with the proper technology to provide fast service.

Invest in Automated Call-Back

No one likes to wait, but Millennials may dislike it more than any generation before them simply because they're used to immediate responses from the internet. But if they do pick up the phone, they don't want to sit on hold for long periods of time. Instead of sticking callers on hold, invest in an automated call-back system so customers can leave their phone number, keep their spot in the queue, and receive a call back when an agent is available.

If You Think Like a Millennial, Are You Neglecting Older Customers?

Not a chance! Millennials may be the customers of the future, and they outnumber even the Baby Boomer generation. So, catering to them is a must. But, the truth is, older customers are not nearly as tech-phobic or digitally incompetent as they are portrayed! Besides, age has nothing to do with wanting a faster, more efficient customer service experience.  And you still have live agents for those who prefer that channel of communication.

Strategizing to provide Millennial-friendly customer service is smart business. Companies and customer care centers that make the most of current technology and are quick to adopt or adapt innovative new options into their Customer Care offering can make a name for themselves with every contact. You are the brand that knows how to take care of people. Competitors that hesitate will be left in your dust!

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