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How to Identify the Best Customer Service Assessment Test for Your Call Center

Assessment testing can greatly enhance the hiring process for any call center. If created well, these tests can identify a candidate’s existing skills and knowledge. From customer service assessment to technical proficiency tests, it's important to find out whether a candidate has the personality and social acumen to succeed as a call center agent.

Considering the extremely tight labor market and the high turnover rate in the call center industry, the ability to sharpen the hiring process can make a substantial difference for the business. Here are some tips to identify the best customer service assessment test for your call center.

A Test for Everything

A call center is all about service, but not every call center is the same. Even though a candidate has experience does not mean they are the right fit for your environment and customers. When assessing a candidate, we recommend evaluating both the tactical skills needed for the job and their soft skills. That requires using a variety of tests to learn as much as possible about each candidate.

While there are numerous pre-employment assessment testing programs you could use to help determine your candidates’ competencies and capabilities, it is important to zero in on tests that focus on your most-desired skills and personality traits.

Tactical Skills

Call centers require standard skills in typing, computer navigation, and basic writing. Testing in these areas confirms a candidate’s fundamental proficiency. There are also basic skills tests that determine the ability to understand and apply training and to communicate clearly in two-way conversation with customers. Often, these tests can be administered efficiently and objectively online.

Customer Service Orientation

Pre-employment assessments can also predict how likely a candidate is to be a good fit as an agent. Soft skills tests measure a candidate’s personality traits — things such as patience, tact, and “helpful nature.”

But, can the candidate pull it all together to succeed as an agent? Call centers are fast-paced, often difficult working environments. Someone may have the necessary tactical skills and personality traits, but you want to know how they will actually perform on the front line.

This is why companies also assess candidates using behavioral interviewing questions, role-playing, and scenario-based, situational questions along with traditional testing. These “real life” opportunities allow the candidate to demonstrate their ability to solve problems and handle varied customer service situations.

Customer Service Assessment Test ROI

What does the candidate bring to the job? Can they be trained to do more? Do they have what it takes to succeed? Even when efficiently administered, assessment testing takes time and costs money. Not surprisingly, though, candidates who score higher on assessment tests are more productive on the job and more likely to stick around. Testing is well worth the investment if it results in a boost in customer service quality (and, quite possibly, revenue) and reduces expensive turnover.

The key is to identify the best customer service assessment test process for your call center.

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