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What to Do When Your Direct Selling Business Skyrockets

Business is Suddenly Booming.

Customer Care is Suddenly Suffering.

Now What?

You have been nurturing your direct selling business for some years. Slowly but surely, you have been adding consultants and distributors. During this formative time, you have taken great pains to ensure that your brand is always well-represented by a small team of in-house customer service representatives (CSRs).

Suddenly (or not so suddenly), one of your products catches fire and your business is expanding rapidly. Consultants are signing up in droves, sales from consultants and customers are growing month over month at a rapid pace. Your annual event is coming up, new products are going to launch, and your contact center is already overwhelmed. What’s going to happen when the new products launch?

Grab a Life Raft from The Connection®

If this is happening to you, and you are in unfamiliar territory, rest assured that this is not new territory for the direct selling customer service experts at The Connection®. For the past 15 years, we have been helping direct selling clients to “right the ship” when it comes to customer care. Our team of experienced and tenured agents have jumped in bail out drowning clients who suddenly went from “everything is under control” to average wait times exceeding an hour, with email queues climbing on a daily basis.

Work In Tandem with Our Seasoned Team

While your operations team is striving to scale your computer systems, networks, physical space, etc., we can help you scale your contact center. The Connection® has a fully self-contained team of agents, supervisors, trainers, QA personnel, and project managers who take on brand management for direct selling clients like it is an art. They have thousands of calls of experience, handling and managing all call types from customers and consultants. And they always relish the opportunity to deliver for another quality direct selling company.

Relax with the Freedom to Scale

The Connection® specializes in replicating your brand perfectly, and doing so while scaling aggressively to meet your growth needs. It is not uncommon for us to start with a small group of agents, and when that need skyrockets, our team of CSRs jumps into action and the growth of the team begins.

Upscale Your Technological Infrastructure

The Connection® has in-house experts that can help with multi-channel access and provide software platforms for voice, email, chat, text, and more. We have special tools that include automated voice analytics, process management to reduce talk time, and many other tools that will be real assets for your Customer Care offering.

When your direct selling business takes off and you are grappling to manage infrastructure growth in numerous areas, talk to The Connection® about the role that we can play to support your growth and keep your customer care at that gold standard that has supported your brand for so many years.

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