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Heidi Cronin

Employee Highlight: Heidi, Our HR Assistant

Heidi started with The Connection back in 2009! When Heidi joined The Connection she started as a call center representative, representing one of our Fortune 500 clients.

Today, she’s one of many CSRs who have been promoted to a higher level within the organization. Heidi is a Human Resource Assistant and recruits and onboards new call center representatives, among many other tasks.

In this Employee Highlight, we wanted to see her journey. Here’s the interview:

  • Name: Heidi
  • Worked with The Connection Since: 2009
  • Job Title: Human Resource Assistant
  • Level of Education: Associates Degree

Q: What was your first experience with The Connection (the type of job you applied for, and when did you apply)?

A: I started at The Connection in November of 2009 as a Customer Service Representative. Despite being a little nervous, I remember everyone being kind and helpful. I wasn’t just a “cog in the machine.”

Q: Please tell us a bit about the application process. Was it easy?

A: I thought it was pretty easy! After filling out the application, you take a typing test similar to what is given in school and a navigation test to make sure you can operate a computer. I applied in-person and heard back from the HR team very quickly.

Q: How much training did you receive for your first position at The Connection?

A: I had one week of training to prep for the client I was placed on.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about that training? Was it helpful?

A: During training, I sat with an agent to listen and ask questions. We were given a lot of information about the client in that week (and ongoing), so that was super helpful. I felt like we knew the client inside and out.

Q: Please describe your job. What do you do each day? What kinds of hours do you work?

A: I work days in the Human Resource office, where I answer calls from agents and the general public. I contact prospective applicants for interviews and handle all steps throughout the onboarding process. I help agent and management personnel with any questions or problems that occur.

Q: Have you learned job skills that will help you in the future?

A: Definitely!

Q: What was the last job you had? How does this job compare?

A: Sales Manager at a hotel. The responsibility is about the same, but there is more human interaction throughout the day here.

Q: Is there anything else we should know about working for The Connection?

A: There is so much room for growth and advancement and you get to work with some pretty amazing people! As a member of the HR department, I can confirm that most of our managerial positions are promoted from within. If you want to work for a company that prioritizes their own employees, start with The Connection!


Are you interested in growing your career like she did? Check out our Careers page, where we regularly post new jobs, from the Call Center Representative level to the management level.

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