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Back to School: How Connection Helps their Employees Get Ready for School

Back to School can be a tough time for parents. You are glad to see your kids headed back to the classroom, but outfitting them with clothes and supplies can get expensive in a hurry. And if you have more than one child, the costs rise dramatically. At The Connection®, we know how hard it is to be a parent (or grandparent) on a budget, so we help out our employees every year with Back to School backpacks filled with supplies.  

Children and Grandchildren Are Eligible

It can easily cost $50 to $60 to send your kid to school on the first day, and that's just for the required supplies - not including a backpack to carry them! Many of the Connection's employees are single parents. We like to think of our people as family, so the backpack program is a meaningful way for us to give them the support their family needs.

All an employee has to do to qualify is sign up their child or grandchild in August. Kids must be entering kindergarten through 8th grade. Each one receives a new backpack full of school supplies.

Investing in Our Communities

We are always looking for ways to make life a little easier for our employees outside of work, and – not surprisingly – the backpack program has proven to be especially popular. As a business, The Connection sees this program not only as a chance to help our own call center community but to support the communities where we live and work.  

With the backpack program, we are investing in our employees so they can invest in the community. The backpacks and supplies help kids get a better school experience, and that starts them off strong to become great community contributors later on.

Our Back to School backpack program has practical, real-life value. For us at The Connection, it is a fun and fulfilling project. And for our employees, it is another way to stretch their family dollars. However, it is not the only way we help. For example, during the holiday season, we give every employee a certificate for a free ham or turkey as another practical way to give them a lift and say thanks for being part of The Connection.

Perhaps you would like to work for a company that cares about employees as much as we do. If so, let us know. We are always on the lookout for great new people to add to our family.

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