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What to Expect When Interviewing at The Connection®

Interested in what it takes to be a Call Center Representative? We’ll answer all of your questions with this breakdown of what to expect when interviewing at The Connection.

Previous Experience

We love when applicants have tenure and experience in the customer service industry. But that’s not an absolute requirement! Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Customer service experience. Have you worked in retail, fast food, hospitality, etc. and had a customer-facing position? This is your whole job as a Call Center Rep, so that kind of experience speaks volumes!
Our Ideal Target: Someone with previous call center experience and 1+ years of customer service experience (ex. Retail, fast food, server, etc).
  • Longevity with a previous employer. How long have you worked for your previous employers? Not only does longer tenure at a company show that you’ll stick around for awhile, but it also indicates that you are a quality employee who is worth keeping!
Our Ideal Target: Your previous job was held for at least 12+ months.
  • Achievements (both professional and personal). Whether it’s making your old place of work more efficient or climbing a mountain, we like knowing what you’re proud of!

Common Call Center Interview Questions


Of course, job experience is important. But not everyone is going to have 1+ years of customer service experience. That’s where your personality comes into play. Here’s what we’re looking for as it pertains to personality:

  • Culture fit. We like to have fun at The Connection and we want to have fun with the people we work with! So, we’re looking for someone who is optimistic, has an upbeat personality, and is polite and professional. Take it from our VP of HR, Cyndi McDurmott, “Previous work experience and accomplishments are important, but personality can help determine an all-star who is going to help the company grow.”
  • Intelligent and ambitious. Intelligence is not the main factor, but it’s a strong foundation for success. Every employee must have at least a GED or High School Diploma.
Our Ideal Target: Applicants who have some college or certificates beyond a High School diploma or GED or a college degree.
  • Detail-oriented. Attention to detail is a critical component of the role. Are you the type of person that will check your work to help ensure the client needs are met?
  • Honesty. Our goal is to attract honest, forthright employees. So, all applicants must pass client specific background checks to ensure that they are meeting the minimum contractual requirements for our clients. 

Tactical Skills

In every interview, our applicants go through a series of skill-based tests. This way, we get a better idea of your ability to perform the functions of the job. Here’s a list of the various tests:

  • Typing test. This is to qualify your ability to type at a speed with accuracy that will allow for timely performance. You’ll need to meet or exceed a score of 20 words per minute. You’ll get two attempts at the test before having to reschedule and retake another day. You can practice using this online test.
  • Math quiz. This is a short quiz to test your ability to perform basic multiplication/subtraction.
  • Navigation test. We just want to make sure you know your way around a computer! This test ensures you’re able to navigate through a client site easily - you’ll need to be able to do that to answer customer questions.

How to Prepare

So, now you know what we’re looking for. The only thing left to do is determine how to prepare for an interview! Here are a few tips from our HR team:

  • Dress professionally. We are not running a fashion contest, but we do expect our applicants to take the time to present their best image during the application process. In fact, employees who are not dressed appropriately for  the interview process will not be interviewed; they’ll have to reschedule for a later date. A good rule is to leave the ripped jeans and sleeveless tops at home.
  • Practice your typing test. Don’t forget, this is the one test you can actually take before you get to the interview! Here’s the test.
  • Update your resume. We have a great resource to help you craft the perfect resume! Use our call center resume template to give yourself a resume refresh.

Download our list of Common Call Center Interview Questions

We look forward to hearing from you! Learn more about a job with The Connection and apply here.

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