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Working In a Call Center Tips: Pick One That Has Variety

Working in a call center can be a great job. But if you are considering applying for one of these positions, it is important to keep in mind that not all call centers are alike. In fact, they can be very different. Some of the biggest differences have to do with the scope of work handled by the call center. Often, your two choices for the type of call center to work for is internal call centers (call centers owned and operated by one business for internal customer service) and 3rd party call centers (call centers that are hired by multiple different companies to manage their customer service, like The Connection®). 

Our recommendation? Pick one that offers variety.

What do we mean by “variety”?

Because we're a third-party operation, we work with all sorts of companies across a variety of industries.

If you're considering working in a call center, chances are, you're outgoing and love to help others. While that opportunity exists in virtually every call center environment, working for an internal call center can get to be very tedious, very quickly. That is because the scope of work — the reasons customers make contact — is so limited. It is hard to stay sharp and genuinely interested in helping each caller when you’ve heard it all before – over and over, all day long.

At The Connection, you get to work with a variety of clients and their equally varied customers. Some of our customer service reps do specialize with one company, but their day may include conversations that range from answering simple how-to-order questions to advising callers on product selection to providing tech support or other post-sale assistance. Every call is different, so there is no chance to become bored.

Call center variety brings other benefits

When you get to represent multiple companies, you can really blossom. You can grow as an employee and boost your confidence and self-image.   

Stretch your mind and your problem-solving skills — If you only have to answer a limited number of questions for callers, you will get very, very good at that. But you're not likely to spread out your breadth of knowledge. Working with multiple companies allows you to learn about a far wider range of products of services and about how different businesses operate. You will use more tools to help different sorts of callers with varying needs.
Broader experience develops broader capabilities — Most internal call centers offer dead-end jobs. When you want to move on, you will have little to show for your work except for time out in. On the other hand, as you work in a varied environment, your knowledge and skills continually increase. That makes you a more desirable candidate when it is time to kick your career up a notch.

At The Connection, you can move up without having to move on. Working here as a customer service rep is not a dead-end, it can be just the beginning, so you can have a meaningful career with us without having to job-hop till you find the “right” employer.

Doors are open for career moves whether you want to rise into the management of call center operations or branch out into accounting, IT, HR, sales and marketing, etc. After all, The Connection may be in the call center business, but we operate multi-dimensionally just like any other large company.

Don’t get stuck in a rut

No worries about that at The Connection! If you want a call center job that offers lots of variety and all the benefits that come with that, call us. We would love to hear from you.

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