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The Importance of Omni-Channel Solutions for Your Customers

Omni-channel solutions represent multiple ways for your customer to reach you (e.g. voice, email, chat, SMS, etc.), as opposed to the typical single access channel: the telephone. It is critically important to take advantage of all the potential channels you may have to reach your customer in order to strengthen your brand image as a company that truly cares about their customers.

Optimize Your Online Channels

Say you have a customer navigating your business website. What if the customer has a question? No doubt your phone number is on your website and they can simply dial the number and talk to your customer support team. But, is there a better way?

We are all striving to make it easy and straightforward for our customers to find what they need and to generate a sale. So if the customer is already on your website, why make them take the additional step of making a phone call? You already have them right where you want them!

If you have web-chat enabled on your website, there are all sorts of ways that you can use it to better enable your customer to find what they need and to fill out a lead form, make a purchase, contact your team, etc. Here is how it works:

Based on certain metrics, like how long someone is on your site and which pages they are on, and you can trigger an offer to chat with your online prospect. Your online prospect can simply hit the “click to chat” button and you are now talking with a prospect.

Webchat can be very interactive, can provide you the opportunity to take a prospect much deeper into your site and into certain subjects that prospects are much more relaxed about discussing via chat than they may be via a phone call.

Utilize SMS to Stay in Touch

Another omni-channel solution is SMS (Short Message Service, or better known as a “text”). SMS is a quick and easy way to keep your clients in-the-know about your company. You can set up a mailing list, much like an email campaign, and send texts to all clients who have opted-in to receive text messages. These types of messages work well for coupons, upcoming events, updates on order statuses, or for quick questions. Text has become the norm for so many customers, that using it as a contact point only makes sense. And some facts from CustomerThink.com can bolster that argument:

  • 90% of business leads would rather receive a text message than a phone call
  • 98% of adults aged 18 to 29 in the US own a device capable of receiving a text message
  • The average response time for a text message is just 90 seconds.

Integrate Information to Enhance Customer Experience

Omni-channel analytics improve the customer experience by providing valuable insight into each customer's journey, identifying why the customer reached out, which channel they chose to reach out on, and which channel the issue was ultimately resolved on.

Add CRM data to the equation, and agents also have insights about which products a customer currently has, the stage of the lifecycle, value of the customer, etc. This data allows agents to deliver intelligent support that anticipates and addresses the customer's needs. This level of advanced knowledge and relevant support can strengthen both trust and loyalty between your brand and your customers.

Do You Really Need Omni-channel?

It is so important to communicate with your customer or prospect in the fashion that best facilitates what their particular need is at that particular time. Real-time interactions keep customers engaged, and opportunities for open-line communication can boost your brand image.

Omni-channel access can provide comprehensive integration that assures your customer a consistent, seamless experience no matter how, when, or where contacts occur. Without taking this next step, you can easily miss out on potential sales and risk disappointing customers with poor or poorly personalized service. 

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