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Benefits of Outsourcing Your Appointment Setting Services

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) appointment setting services have become especially popular with customer-conscious businesses because outsourcing offers multiple benefits for your brand and your bottom line.

What could outsourcing your appointment setting services do for you?

Reliable responsiveness

When your customers need a response from your organization, they expect it to be quick. Staff must be available at all times and in sufficient number to handle customer calls promptly and efficiently. And if that is not the case, you are either risking turning off your customers, or turning away your customers. Voice mail or an answering service that responds with, “I’ll pass your message along and they’ll get back to you” do not cut it with customers. When your customer wants to schedule an appointment, your team has to be there to schedule it.

Consistent quality

Training is a top priority at The Connection. It may seem that anyone can schedule appointments, but the work is extremely important for customer satisfaction and requires attention to detail. If you are churning through customer care agents, then it is likely that the team is never getting the training, practice, and hands-on experience they need to be proficient and professional. Again, this may be a sign that outsourcing this function is in your future.

Customers will think our people are your people – because they are. We train our team (your team) to represent your brand in every way. In this fashion, you give up nothing by outsourcing except for the constant headaches associated with recruiting, hiring, training, managing, and (likely) the constant churn and turnover of your team.  

H.R. relief

Staffing is one of the biggest frustrations for in-house call center managers. Finding quality new hires, getting them trained, handling daily personnel management challenges, dealing with benefits and payroll can be overwhelming. Less-than-stellar customer service reps can quickly damage a company’s reputation. At The Connection, staffing goes to the heart of who we are, and we have the know-how and resources to assemble teams that will make you proud to identify with them as YOUR team.

Best-available technology

Call center technology is very expensive and must be frequently upgraded to remain relevant and cost-efficient. Once you own the technology, it feels like you need an army of IT professionals to manage it to ensure that it is properly integrated with your other components. For many companies, it can be nearly impossible to keep up. And the cost cuts deeply into capital that could be directed toward other critical business functions.

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Outsourced call centers thrive on the latest and most effective technology, and thanks to economies of scale, they can spread the considerable cost over multiple clients, lightening the financial load for companies such as yours. Here at The Connection, we ensure our technology interfaces seamlessly with your CRM or other software. We also offer customized reporting based on your key performance metrics.

See one of our call center metrics report samples first-hand.

Agile, cost-efficient scaling

When your business grows, an outsourced call center can scale up right alongside you without the added costs and delay associated with recruiting, hiring, equipping and training new personnel, and increased facilities costs. Conversely, if your business is seasonal, a professional call center can scale down as needed to meet lower volumes, rather than charging for what you don’t need.

To sum up

Appointment setting is a fundamental task for service companies, but it is time-consuming and costly when you try and ramp a team of personnel without the proper H.R., technology, or other support you need to be successful.  When utilizing an outsource company such as The Connection, you skip all the issues associated with making room for customer contact teams, outfitting them with technology tools and other resources, paying the overhead or dealing with the personnel and training issues. Scheduling is faster, better, more efficient. You get relief from the headaches, hassles and high costs, and you gain happier customers.

Learn more about appointment setting on our Call Center Services page.

sample call center metrics report 

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