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How to Pick the Right Size Call Center Partner

No matter what anyone tells you, size matters. But picking the right size call center partner is no easy task. Pick one too large, and your “partner” may have the resources you need, but your brand and the attention to detail you demand for your customers may get lost. Pick one too small, and they may pay closer attention to your needs, but with no ability process-wise or technology-wise to execute for you.

So, how do you compare and how do you decide? To find that right-sized, long-term partner, consider these variables:


When you’re looking to scale your business and build your relationship with your call center partner, you will want to ask some questions:

  • How many facilities do they have?
  • How large are they?
  • How much capacity is still available?
  • How big are the cities in which their centers are located?
  • Do they have experience in scaling?
  • Do they have references that will confirm the success of their efforts to scale for peak time periods?


Every organization has different technological needs, especially when it comes to telephony software. From call holding software to QA and voice analytics, there are a lot of different call center software options to choose from. Your call center partner should be able to supply you with the right technology for your business, manage the technology with their own team, and interpret the data in a way that grows your business. Our Chief Technology Officer, Ken Unruh, speaks to how our team works side-by-side with our partners to ensure the best possible results:



Human Resources

Customer service is a people business. And we are not just talking about Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s). Being successful takes a real team: CSR’s, supervisors, QA personnel, trainers, Program Managers, etc. Get to know your call center partner’s whole team. Do they buy in to what is key to you and your business?

You will want a company that is boutique enough to appreciate your company’s values and goals, but they need to be able to balance that with the appropriate amount of infrastructure and qualified employees to handle your business.

Non-Human Resources

One of the reasons for outsourcing is to take advantage of tools and technologies that your company may not have. Typically, larger call centers are going to have better technology resources and systems than their smaller competitors.

However, just because they have the technology, doesn’t mean they will be the right partner. See what they offer and take advantage of their demos. Not only should they have the hardware and software you need, but they should be capable of discussing and suggesting how these tools can be leveraged for you and your goals.

Omni-Channel Capability

It is a brave new world, and not everyone simply wants to talk on the phone to get their questions answered. Email, chat, text, and social media interaction should all be considered as part of an omni-channeled effort to give your customers the easiest and most efficient way to reach you.

Level of Engagement
Think big when it comes to securing value-added services to impress customers and strengthen your business. But you do not want a partner that is so big you feel like a small fish in their large pond. Make sure your partner has a dynamic, hands-on management structure that is dedicated to contact center operations. You should have access to upper management when you need it and to customized services that fit your unique needs.

So, What Size is Right for You?

It all comes down to the ability of your contact center partner to match and properly represent your brand. Too small, and the vendor may not have the resources, but too large, and they may not have the time of day for you. Just right, and your partner will have the capacity you need and the ability to focus on premium-level customer interactions. Your “just right” partner will provide the technology you need, but don’t have (or don’t want to manage), and the focus to meet your budget and to replicate your brand, delivering consistent quality service.

By serving seamlessly as an extension of your operations and brand, your “just right” partner can help you provide a truly satisfying customer experience. Your customers will think they are speaking directly to your employees, and that is exactly what you want for your customers — a seamless, proactively positive experience. 

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