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Call Center Agent Training: How We Educate Our Team on Your Brand [VIDEO]

What is the biggest hesitation for most companies when it comes to outsourcing their contact center? The fear that a call center partner might not match your branding!

It’s not easy to hand over your customer care department to another company and expect them to thoroughly understand your product or service, emanate your company’s tone, or accurately reflect your company’s values.

So, how does The Connection® call center management team handle our clients’ values? Our VP of Human Resources, Cyndi McDurmott explains.

We Hand-Select Brand Ambassadors

In the onboarding process, we receive materials necessary for training our Agents, and then we match them based on their personalities.

Cyndi searches both internally and externally for the perfect Agents to serve as brand ambassadors, “As the agents are hired or chosen to work on a client, we take into account their personalities, their characteristics, and their experience to make sure they are the right brand ambassador for the client.”

Our Goal is to Craft (External) Internal Agents

During the training process, we turn to our client-branded Center of Learning portal, which is tailored specifically to match the look, feel, and tone of each individual client.

This way, the Agents can experience the same training setting that perhaps an internal call center would have. Because we believe immersing our Agents in our client’s branding is imperative for accurate representation of the client.

“The overall goal is that our Agents are as seasoned and experienced as perhaps an internal agent at the client site.”

After many hours studying our clients and teaching our Agents, the end result is that customers have no idea that they’re calling an external call center.

Check out our case studies to learn more about who we have worked with in the past, and how we have achieved their goals.

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