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Call Center Branding

Call Center Branding: 4 Steps to Ensure a Seamless Customer Experience

When a customer contacts your company to ask product questions, place an order, or get tech support, they assume they are talking to your people. They may not even realize they have contacted a “call center.” In fact, that's the goal, that they picture the person sitting in a cubicle in your office, surrounded by company co-workers.

Call center branding turns this mental picture into a reality for customers, ensuring a seamless experience.

Call Center Branding is Crucial

If your customer’s experience does not match their expectation (and prior experience with your brand), you risk a disconnect instead of engaging with them. On the other hand, when well-executed, this approach can actually strengthen your company brand by delivering consistent, reliable, quality contacts throughout their experience. (If you choose the right call center partner, that is.)

Here at The Connection®, we specialize in brand-centric customer service. Our CSRs are trained to think and speak like employees of our partners. They serve only your company and customers. Their workspace is branded to match your company's visual identity and personality. They are your people, in every way that counts to customers. It’s that important.

4 Steps to Ensure Call Center Branding

You might say they eat, sleep, and breathe the branding of the company they represent. Here is what it takes for CSRs to deliver a truly seamless customer experience.

1. Getting to Know You

CSRs must speak in your voice, reflect your company’s personality and – of course – deliver a level of service that matches your brand. When they do, customer retention, loyalty, and sales all rise. There is no way we can achieve that for you unless we understand the following things: 

  • Who you are as a company 
  • Your culture and core values 
  • Your business goals 
  • The processes you use 
  • The details that matter most to your customers 

Learning about you allows us to become a successful call center partner.

2. Comprehensive Training for CSRs

As important as voice and demeanor are to customers, their #1 expectation is CSR knowledge. Customers want answers – or help – and they want to receive it quickly and efficiently. Many are looking for informed advice as well as simple answers. Remember, they think they are connecting directly with you, so they expect your level of knowledge. 

We spend the time to train our reps about all aspects of your company that will affect their work. That includes your products or services, company-specific processes, hands-on operation, troubleshooting – whatever it takes – as well as timely details such as special promotions. It also includes “on-boarding” them as representatives of your company, so they become intimately familiar with your language and culture and personality.  

By dedicating certain CSRs to each client company, we can ensure they get the deepest possible training and we can keep them focused on your brand. They are specialists – in you. Call center reps who have to field random calls about numerous companies cannot do that.

3. Brand-Immersive Environment for CSRs

Training imparts knowledge to customer service reps, but effective call center branding requires more. At The Connection®, we keep the company-specific feeling alive day in and day out by surrounding our CSRs with your company’s brand. With visuals of your logo, key slogans, colors, etc., and displays of your products they can see and handle, they are surrounded by your branding. Their workspace may be at our call center, but it looks and feels as if they are in your office – just like the customer is picturing.

4. Technology that Serves both Customers and CSRs

Customers hope to receive the assistance they need swiftly and completely. We provide multi-channel access so customers can communicate when and how they prefer. Our CSRs – your reps -- have product and customer information at their fingertips, so they can provide quick, personalized service. It sounds so simple and obvious, but staying on the cutting edge of call center technology is no easy feat, and it is quite an investment, but the improved service is worth it.

It Takes All These Steps to Deliver True Call Center Branding

Your company works hard to build and sustain your brand. If call center branding does not match that, customers can become confused and even disenchanted. However, by understanding who you are as a company and providing our CSRs with comprehensive training, an immersive environment, and the latest technology tools, we can deliver the seamless experience customers expect.  

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