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How to Ace Your Call Center Interview

Do you have an upcoming job interview for a call center position? Good for you! We know you want to ace that interview, so here are some tips that will help you do that. By knowing what sort of questions your interviewer is likely to ask and what skills they are looking for, you can be prepared to shine.

Common Call Center Interview Questions

Who are you?

By the time you arrive for an in-person interview, you have already passed the first test. Someone has reviewed your application and determined you have the skills, experience, or drive to fit well into their workplace and assist their callers. Now, the interviewer will want to dig deeper, to learn about who you are as a person.

Are you friendly and outgoing?

As a customer care agent, you will be dealing with callers as a representative of a certain company. Callers will likely think you work directly for that company, and a naturally cheerful demeanor reflects positively on the company’s brand.

Do you have a strong desire to help others?

Along with being outgoing, successful call center agents really care about helping other people. Are you a good problem-solver? The interviewer may ask for a specific example of when you helped someone.

Can you calmly work with someone who is not calm, or who is decidedly unhappy?

Not everyone is cut out to be a call center rep, and dealing with difficult people is a key factor. You will receive training if you are hired, so you can build your personal relationship-building skills as well as call center-specific skills and product knowledge. However, if you get frustrated easily or have a short temper, you are not destined for success as a customer service agent.

What would you do if . . . ?

In addition to asking about your own experiences, interviewers often pose “what if” questions. They want to learn how you might react in different types of situations common to a call center environment. You won’t know ahead of time exactly what they will ask, but that is part of the interview process, too – the interviewer wants to see how well you can think on your feet, under pressure.

Download our list of Common Call Center Interview Questions

Looking for a job here at The Connection?

If you want to work at a really great call center, we encourage you to consider joining our team. Our VP of Human Resources, Cyndi McDurmott, has some inside advice on what we will be looking for in your interview:

  • Come prepared to take some assessment tests. You will certainly be tested on your typing skills because you’ll have to keep up with callers as you take notes, etc. during conversations. Practice beforehand, if you need to buff up your skills. Find the tests that The Connection® uses in our blog.
  • Be prepared to tell us about yourself. When have you delivered good customer service in another job, or when have you experienced good customer service and why did you appreciate that? A call center agent’s job is all about serving customers.
  • Be on time. This shows respect for your interviewer (and yourself) and it shows you are serious about the interview and the position. In fact, says Cyndi, if you want the job, tell the interviewer you are excited to get started!
  • Dress appropriately. Call centers can be pretty informal environments, but you should dress as if you already have the job. Are current employees dressed-up or more casual? Matching their level of dress underscores that you are serious about the job.

We are serious, too. Here at The Connection, we turn away potential interviewees who are under-dressed. For example, we do not allow spaghetti straps, visible undergarments, pajama pants, and so on. But we do give people a chance to reschedule and return dressed appropriately, because our goal is to help our people improve, personally and professionally. And if you do return better dressed, that says great things about your attitude and interest in working with us.

So, apply these tips to your next call center interview, and we hope you ace it! In the meantime, refresh your resume with our free call center resume template.

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