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Flexible Jobs for College Students: Work at The Connection

If you are a college student, you know that quality work experience is important for your resume. But anyone who has tried to find part-time work that fits around their weird college course schedule knows just how hard that can be. And, once you get something worked out, your class schedule changes the next quarter or semester. What is a working student to do? Get a job at The Connection!

When you join The Connection team, you will get both quality experience and a schedule that fits your needs.

Call Centers Are Ideal for College Students

We work with client companies that are located in different time zones and have varied “open” hours – including evenings and weekends. We need agents at those times, so it is easier for us to accommodate your needs, too. Retailers, fast food, and other typical “student job” options cannot offer that type of flexibility.

Call center jobs stand out in other ways as well.

  • Not only can we work with you to create a schedule that is initially convenient, but we can modify that schedule to flex with you as your school schedule changes. For example, we understand that you might want more time to study before finals, so it is usually possible to modify your hours for things like that. Other businesses allow you to work part-time, but when you work depends on their needs, not yours.  
  • The job is easier on your body. Call center agents work in an office-like setting, with your own cubicle and comfortable chair. Since there is no backbreaking work involved, you will not go home too exhausted to study. In other types of jobs, you will be on your feet all the time and may have to do heavy lifting or other manual labor.  
  • If you are a “people person,” you can put your natural personality traits to work helping others. You can sharpen your existing skills (computers and technology, for example). And you will definitely learn new skills such as active listening and problem-solving that will stay with you wherever you go, helping prepare better for your future career.
  • You can “come as you are.” You can wear whatever you want (within reason) because customers cannot see you. Not having to invest in special clothes or a uniform for work saves precious dollars and helps keep your laundry time and expenses in check as well. There is a lot to be said for those benefits, but these are things most students never even consider when looking for a job.
  • Not only is the dress code relaxed, but the entire environment is also friendly and team-oriented. You can make new friends while you are earning money.
  • The pay is likely to be higher than what you would earn in retail, fast food, etc. 

What Puts The Connection at the Head of the Class?

Although we do have some part-time positions that are perfect for college students, most of the jobs here at The Connection are full-time. With good pay and a nice menu of benefits. That is something to keep in mind if – like many grads – you still are not sure what you want to do after graduation.

Check out our full list of The Connection Cares benefits.

One of the benefits we offer is tuition reimbursement. That could help fund additional post-grad coursework you want to take but cannot afford, for fear of racking up even more student debt. Even if you do not take advantage of that particular benefit, working with us full-time will continue to build your resume with top-notch employment experience. And if you started here part-time as a student, you will already have your foot in the door for a full-time position. Who knows, you may even find an unexpected career home right here at The Connection!

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