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Are You Working in a Job that You Would Be Proud to Put on Your Résumé?

Is your current job helping to build your resume? To grow your career, your resume should be filled with great jobs and experiences that show your ability to do even more. If the job you have now is not doing that, why not come work for The Connection? As one of our customer service representatives (CSRs), you will connect with customers, learn about new industries, products and services,  helping people along the way. The skills you build will be ones that help you to succeed in your job, but also grow in your career.

Here are just some of the marketable skills you will develop as a CSR.

Customer Service

This is the foundation of so many positions. The same people skills that work well with customers are also ideal when managing clients or employees who report to you in other positions. Key customer service skills include:

  • Active listening – hearing “between the lines” to understand the customer’s problem or need in order to offer the best possible solution
  • Communication – both written and verbal-the ability to speak using proper language and grammar and to relay information to customers clearly and simply through emails, chat and voice
  • Time management – knowing how to prioritize and balance projects properly
  • Self-control – the ability to remain calm and positive, even when you are having a “bad hair day” and even when a caller is angry or rude, without taking the negatives personally  


Are you good at “mental juggling”? One of the things that makes a CSR’s job so interesting is the variety. You never know what the next customer will want. But that means learning to quickly switch gears each time. Thinking on your feet is a skill in high demand – especially when you have learned to handle whatever comes your way in an environment such as a call center, where things can get very hectic at times.


As a CSR at The Connection, your entire job is about helping customers solve problems.  Customers will bring a variety of challenges and it takes skill to be able to help them resolve their issues.  CSRs problem solve on a daily basis and build on this critical skill.

Keyboarding skills

Whether or not you are already a typing whiz, you will get even faster as one of our customer service reps. That said, spelling accuracy counts, too, when interacting with customers via email or chat.  To check your speed and accuracy, try one of the typing assessment tests The Connection uses during our interview process www.typingtest.com.

Sales skills

The Connection CSRs  often go beyond answering questions to serving as an advisor, suggesting additional or different products the caller might like. This is called upselling and cross-selling – or sometimes just suggestive selling.

We teach selling success by training our CSRs about client companies’ products and services as well as persuasive communication skills.

Sense of Humor

This is a personal trait, not a skill we can teach you. However, if you have a good sense of humor, it goes a long way in  helping you be successful as a customer service rep. Humor makes others feel good and can help buffer stress.

Get a Great Job Where You Can Grow

At The Connection, you can have a great job now and learn valuable skills that can be applied to any future career choice. But who knows? You might find a career right here. We promote from within, so as you expand your skills, there are opportunities to move up. You may never need your resume again!

If you do move on,  you can be proud of the skills you have added to your resume, thanks to your experience with The Connection.

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