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Here's a List of 10 Non Retail Jobs

Getting a job in retail can be a great way to break into the job market and gain some skills. There are often part-time positions suitable for students. But not everyone is cut out for this kind of work. Shift times can be unpredictable, and in many cases, retail workers are required to stand on their feet all day. Here is a look at some alternatives; non-retail jobs that may be more appealing.

The examples listed here vary considerably in pay and long-term prospects, but all are entry-level jobs for which you do not need a college degree. Some do require a high school diploma and previous work experience.

  1. Bank teller. Tellers assist customers with financial transactions and are responsible for securely managing cash.
  2. Childcare worker. In this job, you feed and play with kids, help resolve problems and change diapers if needed. Besides a high school diploma, this job can require additional training and a state license.  
  3. Construction laborer. Laborers keep job sites tidy, assist other crew members and may operate certain construction equipment. The job can be hazardous. On-the-job training is provided.
  4. Flight attendant. Flight attendants serve and assist passengers and manage emergency situations.
  5. Housekeeping. Housekeepers may clean rooms and entire homes for hotels and property management companies, or work for a janitorial company or individual homeowners.
  6. Landscaping or groundskeeping worker. These jobs may involve planting flowers and trees as well as maintaining lawns, walkways, and so on.
  7. Lodging manager. Hotel and motel managers greet guests, oversee staff and manage budgets to ensure everything runs smoothly. In many cases, this is not an entry-level position.
  8. Office assistant. These positions involve filing, answering phones, assisting co-workers and serving customers.
  9. Personal care aide. While childcare workers care for kids, personal care aides serve adults, helping with anything from transportation and shopping to daily tasks such as preparing meals and personal hygiene.

Do you love helping people?

Most retail jobs involve assisting customers as well as other tasks. Many of the non-retail jobs listed above also include some type of customer contact. Also like retail jobs, all of these positions require workers to spend much (or all) of their time standing. We have a better idea -- one of the best jobs out there for those who like working with people and solving problems.

Job #10: Customer service representative at The Connection®

Call center agents sit at workstations outfitted with a comfortable chair and the latest technology. The job is interesting and varied because each caller is different. Whether they have a problem that needs to be solved or they want to make a purchase, as a customer service rep your job is to make their call a success. It’s a great job for the right person, and The Connection® is a great place to work.

Just some of the benefits we offer:

  • Flexible but stable, predictable work schedules
  • Paid time off
  • Inexpensive medical and dental insurance
  • Family-friendly attendance policies
  • Incentive programs
  • Friendly, vibrant work atmosphere

Read our full list of benefits.

We also offer paid training and growth opportunities. Lots of training, because our #1 goal is your success. (When you succeed, our company does, too.) Want to advance your career? Excellent! More than 98% of our call center jobs are promoted from within. You may never want to leave. We treat you like family, right down to the Thanksgiving turkey. We give kids and grandkids of employees back-to-school backpacks loaded with supplies, too.

Apply for a job at The Connection® today and get a non-retail job you will love at a company that supports your growth.

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