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No-Experience Jobs: Get Your Career Started with These 7 Jobs

Nobody ever started their professional career as president of some company -- unless, of course, they were the young entrepreneur that founded the company. But that is extremely rare. And even these few individuals could never have succeeded without surrounding themselves with knowledgeable, experienced support. The vast majority of us have to start our careers with no-experience jobs.

What can you do?

You might automatically think of the “usual suspects” – retail sales and fast food chains. But there are many different types of interesting jobs that do not require prior work experience or even education beyond a high school diploma or GED. For example, you might want to consider one of these:

  • Barista. You, too, can learn to make fancy coffee drinks that make customers smile. Hours are flexible, but you will probably have to work at least some early mornings, nights, holidays and/or weekends.
  • Customer Experience Specialist. CarSaver Center has no-experience-needed openings for enthusiastic individuals to greet and educate guests. In this job, you will help folks create their own personal online profile, teach them about the website, book appointments, and so on. You will work at multiple locations, not a single store, and you will have to stand the entire time as well as be able to lift, push or pull loads that weigh 20 pounds or more.
  • Dishwasher. Ability to work fast matters when restaurants are busy. You will wash dishes and cookware and keep the dish room and equipment clean and stored properly.
  • Food Service Worker. This job differs from a fast food position in that you are responsible for helping set up and serve food from steam tables and counters as well as cleaning and sanitizing work stations and equipment.
  • Healthcare Assistant. If you want to work in an office environment but work with people as well as paperwork, you can do both in this job. Healthcare assistants educate patients on preventative and non-invasive care, schedule appointments, assist with exams, and help organize special on-site events for patients. This is a full-time job that includes paid training during the first month.
  • Inventory Associate. In this job, you don’t work at a single location but serve as part of a team that travels to each customer’s store or warehouse to take inventory of their merchandise, supplies, and so on by physically counting each item. There are some perks associated with the position as well as on-the-job training.   
  • School Bus Driver. If you are at least 21 years old, have had a clean driving record (no tickets, etc.) for three years and can pass background and drug screenings, you are eligible to become a school bus driver. Something to consider if you are good at communicating with children and don’t mind working a split shift. You will receive training after you are hired.

Your #1 Choice? Join Our Team at The Connection®!

You need no experience to become a Customer Service Rep here at The Connection. We provide comprehensive initial training, so you are knowledgeable and confident before you start interacting with customers. We also provide ongoing training on a regular basis. Your workday is diverse because each call is different, but every contact offers another chance to help a customer answer a question or solve a problem. Not many jobs are this rewarding.

A great job is just the beginning. At The Connection® you can also look forward to:

You can check out our entire benefits list here, but we want to mention one more: growth opportunities.

If you love the call center environment, you can make it your career because we hire from within – 98% of our supervisors and managers started as a CSR. And if your long-term interests lie elsewhere, you can still find a rewarding career with The Connection®. Outside the call center, our employees work in sales, marketing, IT, accounting, facilities management, and every other aspect of any major business. And some of them started as CSRs, too. See our current openings here.

Even though you are looking for a no-experience job, you want to work for the best possible employer. One that offers benefits that help you stay healthy, lead a happier life, and grow into a lifelong career that fits you perfectly. We are pretty sure you will be impressed with The Connection®. We are looking forward to seeing your application soon.

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