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Employee Highlight: Heather, our Manager of Workforce [Interview]

Name: HeatherWorked with the Connection Since: 2005Job Title: Manager of Workforce

Employee Highlight: Sonya, our Human Resource Administrator [Interview]

Sonya is one of our longer-tenured employees here at The Connection. She started with us back in 1997! Since then, she’s grown from a Call Center Representative to a human resource position (and it didn’t take 20 years to get there, either!).

High Schoolers: Here Is a List of Careers that a Contact Center Can Help You Get Into

Did you know that call center agents need a diverse range of skills and abilities to be great at their jobs? As a high school student, you probably need to grow your own skills and gain work experience to get to the next big step in your life...

Get Your Foot in the Door for Sales With Fortune 500 Companies

If it feels like you are stuck in a dead-end job, you are probably right. The best way out is to take control, to create your own roadmap to the future. But, how? Obviously, it is time for a change, but what skills do you need to work in a...

Is Standing All Day Bad for Me? The Benefits of Working While Sitting

Working at a fast food restaurant or retail store where you have to stand all day long? If your inner doctor (or your aching feet and back) are telling you something feels wrong, you are right. Studies show that standing all day is, in fact, not...

How to Know You Are in a Dead-End Job

Nobody aspires to a dead-end job. Why would you? We all work to earn money, but we want to feel valued, too. Unfortunately, however, sometimes we wake up one day and realize we are in a job that has no future after all. How could this have...

Employee Highlight: Heidi, Our HR Assistant

Heidi started with The Connection back in 2009! When Heidi joined The Connection she started as a call center representative, representing one of our Fortune 500 clients.

Are You Working in a Job that You Would Be Proud to Put on Your Résumé?

Is your current job helping to build your resume? To grow your career, your resume should be filled with great jobs and experiences that show your ability to do even more. If the job you have now is not doing that, why not come work for The...

Employee Highlight: Sheilnina, Our Program Supervisor

Sheilnina has worked with The Connection® for over seven years, and in that time, she’s worked her way from Call Center Representative up to Program Supervisor.

In this Employee Highlight, we wanted to learn a little bit more about her journey...

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