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Back to School: How Connection Helps their Employees Get Ready for School

Back to School can be a tough time for parents. You are glad to see your kids headed back to the classroom, but outfitting them with clothes and supplies can get expensive in a hurry. And if you have more than one child, the costs rise dramatically....

Bringing New Jobs to Jamestown [Press Release]

Attend our Career Fair!

Where: New Jamestown office3010 East 2nd Street, Suite 205Jamestown, NY 14701

When: Tuesday, August 27th10 am to 4 pm

A historic post office is at the heart of the economic turnaround in Jamestown, NY, and The Connection® is...

Flexible Jobs for College Students: Work at The Connection

If you are a college student, you know that quality work experience is important for your resume. But anyone who has tried to find part-time work that fits around their weird college course schedule knows just how hard that can be. And, once you get...

What to Expect When Interviewing at The Connection®

Interested in what it takes to be a Call Center Representative? We’ll answer all of your questions with this breakdown of what to expect when interviewing at The Connection.

Job Descriptions: Working in a Call Center vs. Working Retail

Are you trying to decide between a job in a retail store or one at a call center? The pay might seem similar, but when you look a little deeper, there are a lot more reasons to choose call center employment -- especially at The Connection.

How Much Are Benefits Worth? Moving from Part-Time to Salary

Most people who are working a minimum wage/part-time job receive no benefits. Moving to a salaried job with benefits sounds good, but is it really better? To compare a job that includes benefits with one without benefits, you have to consider the...

Employee Highlight: Heather, our Manager of Workforce [Interview]

Name: HeatherWorked with the Connection Since: 2005Job Title: Manager of Workforce

Employee Highlight: Sonya, our Human Resource Administrator [Interview]

Sonya is one of our longer-tenured employees here at The Connection. She started with us back in 1997! Since then, she’s grown from a Call Center Representative to a human resource position (and it didn’t take 20 years to get there, either!).

High Schoolers: Here Is a List of Careers that a Contact Center Can Help You Get Into

Did you know that call center agents need a diverse range of skills and abilities to be great at their jobs? As a high school student, you probably need to grow your own skills and gain work experience to get to the next big step in your life and...

Get Your Foot in the Door for Sales With Fortune 500 Companies

If it feels like you are stuck in a dead-end job, you are probably right. The best way out is to take control, to create your own roadmap to the future. But, how? Obviously, it is time for a change, but what skills do you need to work in a better...

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